About 1

Sometimes a place captures your heart and you wish you could stay forever! For us, that place is Spain.

Cobblestone streets, the rich architecture and vibrant colors – and the beautiful people who live their lives with joy… This is our inspiration for Santos Oñate.

The Old World charm of Spain is ever present. You are never far from a perfectly-aged rustic door, walls with faded and chipping plaster and vintage brick and iron balconies that look they were curated by artisan jewelers. Wandering through the villages and cities of Spain, there is a common theme -- a life being lived to the fullest.

We invite you to feel this magic of Spain when you wear our jewelry. We hope it sparks memories of a special place or inspires you to dream of a place to travel.

Like the Spanish way of life, we believe in taking our time to create a perfect piece. Our Master jewelers use the Old World techniques they learned in Europe. Each piece is custom made after you place your order, then finished by hand so no two pieces are alike. Our jewelry is made with 100 percent recycled 14k gold.


About the Designer

Melanie Kartalija is a jewelry designer from Del Mar, CA. After a successful career in the television industry, Melanie decided to pursue her passion for jewelry design. Her Spanish and Mexican heritage and her love of Spain inspired Santos Oñate, named for her great-grandmother.