Garnet: Stone of the Body, Mind, and Spirit

Garnet: Stone of the Body, Mind, and Spirit

Garnet is no doubt a gorgeous fiery gemstone. But there is much more than beauty to this gemstone — a gem that is one of our favorites at Santos Oñate. Garnet is one of the oldest known gems in the world, dating back to ancient Egyptian times. This gemstone is deeply embedded into cultures all over the world and has grown to symbolize a great many things. The word “garnet” itself comes from the Latin word "Garanatus," which means “seedlike” referring to the garnet’s similarity in color to pomegranate seeds as well as its powers of transformation and growth. Pomegranates were a fruit valued by Old Spain, especially in cities like Granada (meaning “pomegranate in Spanish), where pomegranates are plentifully grown. This fondness for pomegranates bolstered garnet's popularity by association. In Spanish astrology, the gemstone was even said to represent the sun, the entity that all life is derived from. Garnet’s color incites a sense of passion and the vibrancy of life, the same things Santos Oñate values about Spanish culture, which is one of the reasons we incorporate the gem into our jewelry. And since garnet is the birthstone of January, we thought we would take a deeper dive into its various meanings. 


La Rioja Garnet and Diamond Rings

La Rioja Garnet and Diamond 


The Healing and Protective Properties of Garnet

Garnet is said to help in all aspects of a person’s life: body, mind, and spirit. This gem has long been a talisman to aid in healing and protection. The vivid red color has led people to believe it has power over blood, helping with circulation, stopping hemorrhaging, and cleansing the blood of poison or disease.  It is also said to protect people from bodily harm by warning the wearer against danger. This is why people often gave it to loved ones when they traveled, as it ensures a safe return.

Garnet as a Pathway to Balance

Garnet is said to aid the mind in healing, maintaining balance, and growth. This gem was often given to people in medieval times to help with depression and to liberate people from the negative thoughts weighing them down. It balances the mind, gifting its wearer a sense of inner peace and clarity. With a steady mind, insight and creativity are allowed to flourish. People who wear garnet find inspiration abundant in their lives, leading their creative and business outlets to succeed. Garnet is the best gem to help ground you and motivate you to thrive.

A Garnet Key to the Heart and Soul

Garnet has a way of setting someone free…  it sets the heart free too. Garnet has always been linked with love. It has the ability to heal a soul of a broken heart, to bring new love, and to strengthen the already existing love in your life. This love can be romantic or platonic, as the gem has come to represent friendship, devotion, and loyalty. Wherever you are in your journey of self-discovery and the pursuit of love, garnet can give you the support you need to find what’s meant for you in life. 


La Rioja Garnet Open Medallion

The beautiful thing about garnet having so much symbolism is that you can choose to embrace all its uses and meanings or pick the one that resonates the most with you. So, whether you want to buy yourself a piece of jewelry that empowers you or to give someone a gift that shows your love, Santos Oñate’s garnet jewelry is perfect this January. 

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